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Dispelling the rumors

     Some of the various web sites crack us up. Despite our efforts to advise them of their inaccuracies, they keep the stuff up.  One of the funniest ones attributes three more children to us, three more than we remember having. Apparently there are two daughters and a son out there somewhere that we have not yet met. Should anyone catch sight of them, we would appreciate it if you would pass the word along that we would very much like to meet them. And do they have children? We would love more grandkids!


     There are a few sites with open forums that have turned into open season. We are not surprised by this, anyone who has had an affiliation with a quasi-reality show knows about this sort of nonsense. But we are saddened that they are not appropriately moderated.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if they are able to form one after watching a  highly edited television show with a fictitious story line, then that is their prerogative, even if its wrong. Normal, right thinking people take the time to ask questions, which we gladly answer,  and don't hide behind anonymous screen names posting garbage.

     The worst of it all is the one calling Blake a killer and a murderer. Nothing could be further from the truth. The first person to make this accusation and post a link to a court case goes by the internet handle of kingcrabporkchop, but we believe he has also created many other handles in order to  continue to do harm.  Fortunately for us, he has also posted his full name, (Tristen B----) the city he lives in (Kodiak) and the boats he claims has worked on (Obsession, Trial Blazer). We find it pathetic that this person, who has never met any of us, would go to such lengths to try to destroy some one's reputation. (Just how weird is it for a guy to have a male internet stalker? What's up with that??)  And it isn't only us, he has attacked most of the people who have appeared on the show. In our opinion he and his gaggle of gal pals are in serious need of mental  help and we sincerely hope that they get it. We know who is behind the entire thing, how they continually abuse the DC forum process by creating new identities for the sole purpose of attempting to do damage.


     We very much resent the character assassination that has been attempted on Blake regarding a horrific incident from when he was a teen-ager. Living it was heartbreaking, and being made to re-live it is unforgivable. For those who have brought this issue up and attempted to twist it into something it was not, there is a special place in hell for you. In your misguided attempt to cause pain, you have hurt not one but two fishing families.     

     At about 6:30 a.m. on January 20, 1996, 16 year old Blake was driving his pick up truck to a motocross event in Woodland, Washington. Behind him, driving his own pick up was his best friend Erik, who had another friend, Kimmo, with him. Both trucks had motocross bikes in the back as the boys were planning on racing that day. 

     On a very long, very wide,  straight stretch of highway they came upon a fuel tanker truck which was throwing up a lot of spray. Blake passed the fuel truck and continued on his way, noting that in oncoming traffic there was a small car with only one, very, very dim headlight.

     Eventually  he became aware that Erik was no longer behind him. Blake pulled off the road believing that Erik would eventually catch up to him. After a time he turned around and went back, wondering where his friends were. What he found was was the stuff of nightmares.

     Erik had attempted to pass the fuel truck but had hit the oncoming car with one headlight, driver to driver. Both drivers were killed instantly.

     Blake remained at the scene, helping to load the injured passenger of the car into the ambulance and talk to the police. He then went to the hospital in Longview to check on his friend Kimmo, who was injured but not critically.

     As there was no crime committed, there were no charges or prosecution brought.

     The family of the driver who was killed brought a wrongful death suit against Erik's family, (who counter-sued), and against Blake in civil court.  They made many spurious  allegations in their filing, one of which was racing.

      Kimmo testified in Blake's behalf.

     They were on their way TO the races, not racing. There was no contest of speed, no change (or leap-frogging) in the position of their trucks.

     The stretch of highway where the accident happened is wide enough to drive 4 semi or dump trucks abreast. The fuel truck had pulled toward the side of the road to give room. The accident should never have happened.

     The gates at the race track at Woodland did not even open until 7:30, they were not late.

     The trial lasted for 10 days. The persons suing us only bothered to attend when it was time for them to testify.

     The jury was out 15 minutes, returning a verdict 100% in our favor.

     Erik's family is a long time fishing family. We remain in  contact with them and Blake has worked aboard their boat.

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