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Long lining for fish

    Longline gear consists of units of leaded ground line in lengths of 100 fathoms which are referred to as “skates.” Each skate has approximately 100 hooks attached to it. “Gangens,” or lines between the hooks  and the groundline, are either tied to or snapped on to the ground line. A "set" consists of one or more baited skates tied together and laid on the ocean bottom with anchors at each end. Each end has a float line and a buoy attached. Hooks are typically baited with frozen herring, squid, or other  fish. Depending on the fishing ground, depth, time of year, and bait used, a set is fished 2 to 20 hours before being pulled. Longlines are normally pulled off the ocean floor by a hydraulic puller of some type. The fish are cleaned soon after being brought aboard and are kept on ice to retain freshness.

Here is a simple schematic of a typical "set":


A professional fisherman, who is caring of the resource, is one of the best vanguards of that resource. Our personal thoughts are that long liners are among the best. Each species can be targeted individually with little to no by-catch of other fish. The line is laid and retrieved, never left in the ocean to continually fish. Nor does it scoop up indiscriminately  everything in it's path, as some methods can. There is no impact on the ocean habitat itself - all outcroppings, coral beds etc are not damaged.

Smaller fish are gently shaken off below the water line and swim rapidly away. They live to grow and reproduce, thus insuring a future for the industry and the resource.


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