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 F/V Evening Star


    FISH ! 


The Evening Star is involved in many diverse fisheries:



 Dungeness Crab season generally begins December 1st, with the main portion of the fishery spanning the most treacherous time of the year - deep winter on the North Pacific. The traps or pots are constructed by hand prior to the opening date.  Bait is put into the pots to attract one of  the world's  greatest  delicacies.


Sablefish, or black cod, is a fishery of  great  economic importance.  With our first long line vessel, the F/V Western Skies, we became involved in the black cod fishery over 20 years ago, making us one of the pioneers in this industry.  Today, the F/V Evening Star continues the tradition. Sablefish are primarily exported to the Asian market where it's delicate flavor is in high demand. Interest in the US is beginning to rise.


begin their life looking like any other  fish in the  sea. As they grow, their eyes begin to rotate and  they "morph" into the fish we enjoy. The halibut swim flat on their sides (horizontally) and their eyes are side by side on the top of their heads! As you can see from the pictures, halibut are a very large fish and sometimes it can take the entire crew to pull just one on board.


Tuna  fishing has made the news with many a heated debate on the methods used to harvest them. The Captain and crew of the Evening Star catch each fish individually by hook and line so that dolphin interaction is zero.


    The movie "The Perfect Storm" has served to familiarize many of you with the perils and pitfalls of life at sea. As you can see, they come in all shapes and sizes!






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