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Crab Gear & Gear Work


   Commercial crab pots or traps are  rigged of stainless steel netting or mesh over an iron frame  which has one or two “tunnels” (funnel shaped openings) for the entry of crabs. A trigger device prevents the crabs from escaping back through the tunnels.  An escape hatch is built in, and  bound with a biodegradable cord which will rot away and allow the crab to escape  should the pot become lost.


The pots are set in water depths of 10 to 600 feet and marked by a line buoy, which must be identified with the crabber's buoy brand number and specific colors. The vessel name, the owners name and phone number are attached to the interior bottom of the pot. The  pots are generally baited with sardines, fish carcasses, salmon heads, squid, and/or clams. They are usually checked daily, but may be left for several days depending on the weather conditions.













Prior to the opening of the Dungeness crab fishery, the pots are carefully checked for soundness, repaired as needed and new ones are put into service, replacing those lost or stolen in the prior year.  




As they are readied for  the ocean,  the pots are stacked on wooden pallets. The pallets are moved with a hyster, loaded on to trailers and/or trucks and hauled to the dock. From there they are loaded onto the boat.
















Lots and lots of "shots" of line.....



 Loaded and ready to go. Photo by Jen VanPelt

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