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 F/V Evening Star



     The F/V  Sea Valley  was built in 1968 at Ft. Bragg, California by Paul W. Lackey for Mr. John Figueiredo . The boat was legendary by that name under the hand of Figueiredo and her next owner Mr. Niess who purchased her in 1985. She was a pioneer in long lining for black cod and halibut. The F/V Western Skies fished around her for many years.   In 1989 she was sold to an individual who intended to seine her in Alaska, and her name was changed to the St. Ruth. She was left sinking at the docks at Bellingham, Washington, and sold by the U.S. Marshals in 1998 to Craig Hatton of Hatton Marine.

    Jeff had been looking for another fishing vessel to purchase for several years.  He toured many, many vessels, even took a few out for sea  trials, but none were quite what he was looking for. When he went to Seattle and saw the St. Ruth, he was smitten. There was something so familiar about her - and she was just right!   We purchased her from Hatton Marine in March of 1999.

    At that time, we knew her name had been changed to the St. Ruth, but did not know her original name. As she had been so mistreated under that name, we went ahead, against superstition, and renamed her the F/V Evening Star.  Imagine our delight when the Coast Guard Documentation and Title Abstract came through and we discovered she was indeed the famous Sea Valley!

    Today she plies the seas from Oregon to Alaska in search of the finest seafood to send to your table!



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