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 F/V Evening Star


     Blake is a second generation commercial fisherman, born and raised in the port town of Astoria.  Growing up he was always actively involved with our boats and fisheries, gill netting, salmon trolling, albacore tuna fishing, longlining for black cod and halibut and dungeness crabbing. From an early age he was always eager to learn about any aspect of the industry. Among his certifications is that of Safety Instructor.

     Today he skippers the F/V Evening Star for Dungeness crab, black cod and halibut. He also runs the F/V Maverick for the Quashnick's during tendering for salmon and herring, as well as king crab. You may have seen him for seasons 1 through 3 of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

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 Feb. 2008  Blake purchased the F/VTradition and fished for Pacific cod, halibut and black cod in Alaska.

The following photos taken Dec. 2007 showing the F/V Evening Star with her tanks and totes plugged and her decks loaded. 

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