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Albacore tuna

    During tuna season, even the Captain gets in the game!



    Tuna line is 200 to 300 pound test braided nylon, which is tied to fifteen to twenty feet of monofilament which is in turn tied to a  tuna jig.   What Captain Jeff is holding in his hand is called an "attractor". (There is another name for this but since this is a family website we will let that one go.) The attractor splashes across the surface of the water at a speed of about six knots.  This splashing attracts the tuna from the deeper water where it locates the jig.






The first photo shows just a few of the lines.  These tuna are freshly caught, bleeding out and about to go into the freezing tanks.








      The tuna are taken from the frozen fish hold and individually loaded into the bucket. It is then hoisted up to the dock edge of the cannery, and the bottom is  opened to drop the fish into the cart. The fish are then sorted according to approximate weight/size.







 Buying tuna for your table





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