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Our Story

    Captain Jeff was born in Illinois and raised on a large ranch in west central Kansas. "How", do you ask, "does a farmer from the flatlands end up as the owner/operator of a commercial fishing vessel on the west coast?  Its a bit of an interesting stretch!

    Jeff attended college at Ft. Hayes State in Kansas where he earned a Minor in Geology and his Major in Business Administration, en route to his Masters.  He attended a Job Fair, met with the Peace Corp people and he was on his way.  He served four years, spending time in South and Central America.   It was during this tour that he became with fishing as a way of life. Hooked, pun intended, after his return to the states he made his way out west.





       After a time he met a married a local Astoria girl and became the proud father of two sons.






   Both of the boys grew up on the docks and the back decks of fishing boats.

             Even our leisure time is spent fishing and boating!


The kids taking a ride down in the bucket.





At a very early age they were not afraid of hard work.



          And of course they did a lot of the normal things that boys do!


       Crab Races               


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