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F/V Belle



 After his arrival in the Northwest, Jeff crewed aboard a variety of vessels trying to get a "feel" for what kind of fishery and style of vessel was the best fit. He determined that starting small was the better bet and went in search of a boat that would best suit his needs.

    The F/V Belle started out her life in our nation's service. She was originally a U.S. Navy vessel and after conversion entered the commercial salmon fishery.

    When Jeff bought her, there was a "Wide Load" sign across her stern. It was apparently left there from when she was transported. Believe it or not, the original U.S. Documentation lists her name as the "F/V Wide Load"!

    She was re-named "Belle" after Jeff's much loved fraternal grandmother.



Left:  F/V Belle up on the shipyard "ways" at the Bumble Bee Shipyard.

Right: Who is that long hair??

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